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Our History

The current building for our funeral home was built in 1856 by George Doniphan as a wedding present for his son, Judge Joseph Doniphan, and is known as the Joseph Doniphan House.


Three men, Bud McCarty, Ben T. Metcalfe, and Scotty Poage started McCarty-Metcalfe-Poage Funeral home in 1949.


In 1969, Ben Metcalfe and Bud McCarty, bought Scotty Poage's share in the business and so, it became McCarty-Metcalfe Funeral Home.


In 1972, Bud McCarty sold his share of the business to Ben Metcalfe, and thus, Metcalfe Funeral Home became the name.


In 1979, Clark Hennessey formed a partnership with Ben Metcalfe, and the business took its current name of Metcalfe-Hennessey Funeral Home.After the passing of Ben Metcalfe in 2000, his niece, Jennifer Hedgecock and Clark Hennessey became partners. The funeral home is still under their ownership today.


Through ownership changes, Metcalfe-Hennessey Funeral home has remained a family-owned business that has been serving Augusta and Bracken County for over 65 years.


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